FCADL is more user friendly as compared to lots of other ads directory listing websites in the market. Anyone who is online, can visit the whole site to see the listings or posted ads without making any registration or sign up. However, we don’t allow to post any ad or contact with the vendors without registration for security reasons and for making this site more trustworthy to everyone. The great breakthrough is, there is no requirement of open a buyer account and a seller or publisher account seperately, any registreer can handle and operate those both above stated features simultaneously with the same account and they can see their’s all records into their account section.

We also share your published ads to all our social pages or accounts like FacebookTwitter etc. on a regular basis. However this facility is presently for our paid members only. We’ll try to implement this feature for all of our users in next coming days, but without your support it’s not possible for us. Any Subscriber including paid or free members can also share there ads on various(almost all) social networks by self-help on their’s own. This feature will definitely increase organic traffics on your ads.

Another and most importantly, in FCADL, any user can send messages privately to the vendors or other users for contact with them and the vendors also can do the same thing. FCADL doesn’t charge for this anything not even a single buck or dime or penny. Our moto is to provide one of the world’s best ads directory listing website to the people, as of we are also the people of this world, And if any user will get benefited from FCADL site, that would be our soul pride ! For more information in details, please visit our FAQ page.

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