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FAQ-1. What is FCADL ?

FCADL is a classified ads directory listing website, where people or businessmen can post their’s products’ ads for increase publicity or sale, even more they can buy products which are already listed on this site by contact directly with the respective vendor.

If you’ll not get your answer on this FAQ page of FCADL & your requirements are some extra, please feel free to contact us without wasting your time.

FAQ-2. Why FCADL ?

FCADL is more user friendly as compared to lots of other ads directory listing websites in the market. Anyone who is online, can visit FCADL site to see the listings or posted ads without making any registration or sign up. However, we don’t allow to post any ad or contact with the vendors without registration for security reasons and for making this site more trustworthy to everyone. The great breakthrough is, in FCADL, there is no requirement of open a buyer account and a seller or publisher account seperately, any registreer can handle and operate those both above stated features simultaneously with the same account and they can see their’s all records into their account section.

Another and most importantly, in FCADL, any user can send messages privately to the vendors or other users for contact with them and the vendors also can do the same thing. Presently, JPG, small PDF and EXCEL files can also be transferred through messeging but beware from sending malicious and any objectionable file to avoid permanently disable your account or face a high penalty charge as mentioned in our terms and privacy policy. FCADL doesn’t charge for this anything not even a single buck or dime or penny. However, message will remain for 90 days in your FCADL account inbox. Our moto is to provide one of the world’s best ads directory listing website to the people, as of we are also the people of this world, And if any user will get benefited from FCADL, that would be our soul pride !

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FAQ-3. How’ll I get benefitted from FCADL ?

We also share your published ads to all our social pages or accounts like Facebook, Twitter etc. on a regular basis. However this facility is presently for our paid members only. We’ll try to implement this feature for all of our users in next coming days, but without your support it’s not possible for us. Any Subscriber including paid or free members can also share there ads on various(almost all) social networks by self-help on their’s own. This feature will definitely increase organic traffics on your ads.

Our social accounts’ links are provided at the bottom section of this site, so you can visit anytime to our official social sites by directly visited those links provided there. Please do likes our social sites and posts too if you really like this functionality and help us to gather more visitors on your ads also. Without your supports, we wouldn’t make improvements of this website for you. Remember please, we really need your supports.

FAQ-4. Can I post ads for free on FCADL ?

Yes, ofcourse ! You just need to register or sign up into FCADL. You should need to read our privacy policy & mustly accept our terms & conditions at the time of registration or sign up. After successful registration you just need to log in into your account. For post an ads listing you simply need to select a membership plan. You can see this directly into your account section under Membership or simply hover your mouse into our Home page under the Pricing.

For posting free ads, you need to select Bronze membership & register with the plan. After successfully register with your membership plan, you can post & publish your ads for free. Remember ! Registration with membership plan is activating your vendor or publisher account so you may be wait for some hours for successfully activating your vendor account. For some rare cases only it may be take up to 24 hours for activation. Please keep your patience until then.

If you’ll not get your answer on this FAQ page of FCADL & your requirements are some more, please feel free to contact us.

FAQ-5. How may I add my ads listing on the Front page of FCADL ?

For add listings on front page of FCADL or Featured Listing, you simply need to post your ads first. Then you need to contact us or simply email us at admin@freeclassifiedadsdirectorylisting.com explaining the details of your ad like title of the ad, your user name in FCADL etc.

As there is a limited space for publishing your ad on front page of FCADL, for this reason, after getting confirmation from our end, you’ll need to go to your respective ad edit option and just make an additional payment for this featured listing after activating ☆Feature option locating at top right side from your ad edit option. You can find all your posted ads in your account section under > Listings option. For a particular ad, Featured Listing validation is active for 30 days.

For getting a ✔️Verified mark on your ads, you should update your ad by re-edit with valid informations first, after that you need to contact us. We require your FCADL account user name, password, your business or personal( For Individuals )address proof, Your ID proof or Tax ID No.( if any ).

After verification and getting confirmation from our’s end, claim your ad listing on ad’s detail page from a different FCADL account or simply go to Membership from your account section and select any membership package, that will take you to the next confirmation page. Under this page’s bottom section you can find the Related Products option with Claim listing payment’s link. That’s it ! This is a single time payment for making that respective ad with verified batch forever, unless you say to remove that batch for your personal reasons.

N.B. : Please note that Featured Listings & Verified Listings facilities are not exchangeable or refundable or transferrable. To know more : see our Terms of use & Refund policy.

If you’ll not get your answer on this FAQ page of FCADL & need some more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

FAQ-6. Is it necessary to buy a membership package ?

Actually this is not necessary to buy a membership package until you’re not going to post or publish your own ads on FCADL. But when you’re about to make publish your own ads, you must buy a membership package and unless this your ads wouldn’t publish or visible to other users. However, you can use all the other features like contact with other vendors or users for product quarries, review, comment or share any post of FCADL, claim listings etc.

If you’ll not get your answer on this FAQ page of FCADL & your requirements are some extra, please feel free to contact us without wasting your time.

FAQ-7. How many membership packages are in FCADL ?

There are total six(6) membership packages in FCADL. Under which Bronze membership package is a free package. Remaining five(5) packages are paid membership package and you’ll must pay on monthly subscription basis to use them. However, all the membership packages including our Bronze(Free) membership package have almost the same functionalities except some limitations out there. You can find out these features directly visiting to Pricing page of FCADL or visit to your account section under the membership.

If you’ll not get your answer on this FAQ page of FCADL & your requirements are some extra, please feel free to contact us without wasting your time.

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