If the website(FCADL) is not working properly and we also unable or fail to help you, in that case, you will get the money back without the applicable tax after request for a refund by contact us. If the website(FCADL) is working properly then you will not get any refund or money back.

The nature of digital media ( for FCADL, it’s Paid Membership Subscriptions ) means that once you have make a payment, there’s really no way to ‘return’ it. So all payments at FCADL are non-refundable and any request or dispute will be rejected without any communication.

Though we can assure you of the best possible 24×7 access to our website, sometimes downtime can happen which may hamper services. Furthermore, if you think you might have some doubts then why not just subscribe for a Bronze(FREE) membership before committing to a paid membership subscription !

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