Akut SOS Training Course

Akut SOS Training Course Akut SOS Training Course
Price: $ 99.95/Course

Akut SOS Clean GmbH – Online training courses for professional disinfection on Hygiene Star :

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Spiegel, Manager Magazin, RTL and many more have written pieces about Akut SOS Clean in their global business sections.


What you get with the Hygiene Star :

● Basic (online) training.

● Company-specific analysis (self-analysis check for evaluating the main focus areas of your company’s hygiene), planning, training and implementation, implementation for social media – all explained clearly and in a practical context.

● Access to the shop to purchase disinfectants and protective agents. With no time limit and fair prices.

● The Hygiene Star is a visible and prominent sign of your commitment.

● Course sections adapted to your specific industry.

● The training course is graded on the basis of a eight-point scale and is taken online. It covers the analysis of your needs, practical implementation into daily work and everything in between as well as the high-profile “Hygiene Star” seal. This course boils complex knowledge down to what employers, customers, guests and members need to know and presents it in a simple way.


● Proper disinfection

● Mindset

● Training employees

● Masks

● Social media

● Documentation


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